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GoPro Courses

So you are already a rescue diver and consider taking the extra steps to become a professional scuba diver and live your dream ?
Consider this: spending most of your time under the ocean and the rest of it under the sun, being able to wear shorts and sandals to work, meet interesting people from around the world and most importantly, doing a job that you love!

Sounds like a dream?

This could very easily become your reality with the PADI system of continual education and the fine tuned GoPro packages of Pro Dive Mexico
Let us share our passion and help you open the door towards a career where every day is a new and exciting adventure!

If you are rescue diver looking at progressing to Divemaster only at this stage, or if you are already a Divemaster and are looking to become a PADI Instructor, the individual courses on the left side are your best and most economical choice. (No packages availabe) 
If you are a rescue diver and want to go all the way to Instructor, then check out our Full Pro packages [link to Full Pro Basic]

Our DM and IDC courses have lots of extra value!! Please select and see what extra's we offer with every course.

NEW exclusive Spanish language school packages!
We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with one of the most renowned Spanish Schools in Latin America (Academia Columbus) to give you the convenience of your GoPro training combined with a 2-week intensive Spanish language course at special rates.  
So you can make the most of your time in Mexico by becoming a PADI Pro as well as immersing yourself in the Mexican way of life and language.  We can also help you arrange home-stays with local families which are a great way to improve your language skills and give you a true taste of Mexico!

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PADI Emergency response and rescue course
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Open water scuba instructor
IDC cross-over training
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PADI IDC staff instructor course
PADI Speciality Instructor training