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Meet Our Platinum PADI Course Director

Angel Navarro-Moya

Angel grew up in the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain and worked as a mountain guide and ski instructor before starting his own adventure sports company. This proved to be very successful and Angel received awards from the Spanish Tourist Board for his work with this. But after a few years building up the company he started looking for a new challenge. So he sold the business and went travelling and it was while in Thailand that he fell in love with scuba diving!!

This was the perfect challenge for him – to work his way around the world doing something he loved. And since then, Angel has been doing just that, and making a pretty good job of it too.
He has worked and dived in more than ten countries including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Honduras, Curacao, UK, Spain and Galapagos.
Angel's enthusiasm and passion for his work will be evident in every part of your IDC which results in engaging presentations and fun-packed workshops. Angel has trained more than 1000 divers, and also has more than 1000 professional-level certifications under his belt, making him one of the most experienced and respected Course Directors around. He trained and guided also many of the current PADI Course directors in Mexico and Latin America....

As well as being a PADI Platinum Course Director (for 5 consecutive years) Angel is also a TecRec and Trimix Instructor Trainer, Hyperbaric Chamber  Operator and Instructor Trainer for DDI (Disabled Divers' International).

Angel speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and French fluently and has conducted multi-lingual IDCs since becoming a Course Director.

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Fluently: English, Spanish, Catalan, French
  • PADI Instructor Trainer for 20+ specialties
  • PADI DSAT TEC/REC Instructor Trainer
  • PADI DSAT Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • DDI Instructor Trainer
  • Hyperbaric Chamber  Operator

IDC Mexico is the professional PAD Career Development department of  Pro Dive Mexico, Playa del Carmen (PADI CDC)
We have reached this highest PADI nomination after many years of hard work, dedication and delivering many new PADI instructors into this world. We were the first and still are the leading PADI Career Development Center in Mexico.

Angel and his team of professionals invite you to start your scuba diving career with us. (see testimonials)
The Only PADI Career Development Center with 6 resort based 5 star scuba dive centers provides you with real Hands-on training in a real life environment and prepares you for your future job as a scuba instructor

Don't hesitate contacting me personally and I am looking forward to share my passion, experience and knowledge with you.

Angel Navarro-Moya
Platinum Course Director Pro Dive Mexico